Critics Slam One in the Chamber in Modern Warfare 2, Call for Improvements

According to some members of the Modern Warfare 2 community, one in the Chamber needs to be improved, as the traditional party game option has a few design issues. Favorite party game options were a top priority for Infinity Ward in Season 2. The creators started by adding Gun Game, Infected, and Grind before reintroducing Drop Zone All or Nothing and One in the Chamber in the middle of the season.

Modern Warfare 2 added a Party Modes playlist to commemorate the event that cycles through each option. While trying the new modes, well-known YouTuber JackFrags had some of the most enjoyment he has ever had playing Call of Duty. Unfortunately, only some fans had a good time because One in the Chamber played differently than people had previously recalled.

Players of MW2 criticize the “terrible” One in the Chamber version

Back in 2010, when the first Black Ops was released, One in the Chamber made its CoD debut. Each participant begins the game with a loaded pistol. Every shot results in a kill and grants you a fresh bullet, but if you miss, you must use a knife to finish the job.

Players must carefully plan their survival because they only have three lives. MW2 makes it possible for players to join in the middle of a game, making it simpler for users to join after the fact and benefit from having more lives than other players. On Reddit, members of the MW2 group vented their annoyance. “I’m not kidding; this is one of their strangest mistakes. Demonstrates that they blatantly don’t participate in their own game.

The players brainstormed potential answers and came up with a few. If they want to allow joining in the middle of the game, they should participate with either one life or however many live the other players still have. The person with the fewest lives left and still living should win.

“I feel like there should be rounds like SnD,” another person said. There are approximately 3-6 cycles, and each lasts between 2.5 and 5 minutes. As one commenter retorted, “they can’t keep fu**ing up classic game modes like that,” the MW2 community won’t be waiting for change for very long.

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