New Crash and Kick Exploits Threaten GTA Online Players on PC

Grand Theft Auto Online players on PC are facing a new threat with the recent release of a weekly update. The update brought new content and free gifts for players to enjoy, but it also introduced crash and kick exploits that can cause problems for unsuspecting players. Industry insider Tez2 has issued a warning to GTA Online PC players, stating that there are “new remote ‘crash’ and ‘kick’ exploits out in the wild.” These exploits allow cheaters to crash other players’ games in single-player or lobbies, even if they are not in the same session.

Grand Theft Auto Online receives weekly updates from Rockstar Games every Thursday. Users can ring in the new year with the Western Powersurge motorcycle thanks to the most recent of such releases.

Players of GTA Online will also have access to free presents in the final update of 2022, specifically a set that contains three sets of New Year’s glasses, a fireworks launcher, a Yellow Holly beer hat, and other items.

Unfortunately, the update also included PC exploits that could cause quite a few issues for players who are not aware of them.

Exploits for Crashes and Kicks Affect GTA Online’s PC Edition.

All Grand Theft Auto Online PC users have received a PSA from industry insider and Twitter user Tez2. There are reportedly “new remote “crash” and “kick” exploits out there.”

Cheaters don’t necessarily have to show up in the same session as their targets in order to crash another player’s GTA Online game in single-player or lobbies.

According to Tez2, using a firewall to block all unauthorized connections is the best line of action for anybody trying to avoid such problems.

Later, the Twitter user told one of the players that relying on VPNs won’t help with this. The best option seems to be a firewall, and Tez2 specifically suggests Speyedr from GitLab as a suitable option.

The insider went on to say that the most recent PC vulnerabilities in GTA Online differ from the norm in that “[the cheater and the target] don’t have to be in the same session.”

It is not yet clear how long these exploits will continue to plague GTA Online on PC. In the meantime, players are advised to use a firewall to block unknown connections and protect themselves from these nefarious activities. Tez2 recommends the use of Speyedr from GitLab as a good firewall choice. Players should also be aware of the risks and take precautions to protect themselves from these exploits.

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