Lunar New Year Collection Event for Apex Legends Leaked

Prepare for the Lunar New Year Collection Event for Apex Legends, which will include the Seer’s Fist Sickle Heirloom, new badges, and a range of skins. The update is anticipated to release on January 10, according to leakers.

The Lunar New Year Collection Event for Apex Legends has been leaked, and along with Seer’s Heirloom, a number of new skins are planned to enter the game.

The community is getting ready for the upcoming content drop now that the Wintertide update has ended. Players can expect to be able to receive Seer’s Fist Sickle Heirloom, a new set of badges, and of course, brand-new skins as part of the upcoming Lunar New Year Collection Event.

Dataminers have discovered some of the cosmetics arriving with the update, so let’s have a look at them even though the complete line of cosmetics has not yet been made public.

Leaked Collection Event skins for the Lunar New Year

Remember that the update will include many more skins than have so far been leaked, only a small portion of which have been revealed. Rest assured that we’ll update the list below if any other leaks occur before the patch goes live.

First up, SomeoneWhoLeaks has made an amazing-looking light blue Wattson skin available for download. This cosmetic, in contrast to many Epics, has a ton of extra elements and nicely embodies the Lunar New Year concept.

Next up is a R99 skin with flowery motifs in black, gold, and pink that will stick out in the Outlands. Similar to the Wattson skin, the deadly SMG’s design is really intricate and definitely worth purchasing if you enjoy the weapon.

Last but not least, SomeoneWhoLeaks also claimed that a skin would be coming for Newcastle, however this cosmetic hasn’t yet been given a picture.

So there you have it, those are the skins that the Lunar New Year Collection Event is supposed to provide on January 10.

Watch this space for further details on the complete collection of cosmetics that will be available at the Lunar New Year Collection Event. View the exposed Wattson, R99, and Newcastle skins in the interim.

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