NBA 2K23 Players Criticize Recycled Content: Go-Kart Returns as Seasonal Reward

Fans criticized the producers of NBA 2K23 for recycling content after the game’s seasonal reward system included the return of go-karts.

The fourth season of NBA 2K23 began on January 13, and it featured a brand-new remote control drone as well as Galaxy Opal Zach Lavine. Players have the ability to use the drone to navigate both The City and The G.O.A.T. Boat until they locate a suitable landing location. Other seasonal incentives this year include a science fiction-inspired suit of armor and a pilot’s helmet.

Members of the community have voiced their dislike of the seasonal content in earlier editions. The awards for NBA 2K22’s season 9 have been criticized by players as being a “slap in the face.” One of the incentives was a go-kart, which gave players the ability to navigate their way about The City.

Visual Concepts reintroduced the go-kart, causing dismay among players, which in turn sparked a negative reaction from the community.

NBA 2k23 go kart inspired

Players Criticize The Inclusion of Go-Karts in NBA 2K23

A dissatisfied NBA 2K23 player said on Reddit that the company “doesn’t give a f**k about it,” despite the fact that they claimed to have “evidence” that the developer was generating millions of dollars off of the game. It’s a matter of cutting and pasting to win.” Players have commented that it is uncreative to rehash incentives, such as the go-kart, which is a level 20 reward in Season 4.

One participant remarked that the benefits may be further enhanced. They need to really start thinking outside the box.”

The people who live in this community want more innovative benefits than merely a speedier way to go around The City. The introduction of Core Badge Patterns as a level 40 reward in Season 3 caused a commotion in the metagame. Because of the new feature, it is now able to equip Badges of Tiers 2 and 3 at no additional cost. Some of the player population feels that the addition of the go-kart and the drone is a step backward for the game.

Another participant chimed in and said, “They’d be like, ‘no mistake here. You’ve just upgraded to the classic version!'” Players are still looking out for hope that the developers have more surprises because Season 4 has only just started.

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