NA Apex Legends Pros Clash Over Latency Issues During ALGS Season 2 Split 2

After some of Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen’s fellow Apex Legends professionals voiced their displeasure that his team had unintentionally benefited from a fading-out ALGS session, Dosen of TSM responded by taking jabs at his colleagues.

Although the absolute best players in Apex Legends are the ones competing in ALGS play, they are still prone to the same problems that everyone else suffers when playing in Ranked and more casual settings.

At various points in time, the highest level of competition has been beset by multiple concerns, including audio, the speed of looting, and the internet. The latter can be avoided when it comes to local area networks (LAN), but the vast majority of video games are played online.

On March 11-12, the second split of the 22-23 season began for North America, and it didn’t take long for those annoying connectivity troubles to rear their ugly head. A lobby lagged out, forcing players to restart the game.

NA Apex Legends pros quarrel about the ALGS latency issue

Zach “Zach” Mazer, a former professional player for Cloud9, referred to the fact that Hal’s team was in a position to score 0 points before the latency and that they went on to score 10 points as “frustrating.” But, he went on to say that he was confident “nothing purposefully” was the root of the problem.

Hal quickly clapped back at his friend and said, “Very funny for a team to be talking confidently that you were “killing” us when you just run like a b*tch to “fight” for your POI. I can’t wait until we meet again. Just watch.” Hal was referring to his team talking about how confident they were that they had been “killing” them.

When Zach’s teammate Tyler “Dezignful” Gardner weighed in on the conversation and ordered Hal to “pipe down,” Hal took it as a sign to step it up a notch, even if some fans shrugged it off as nothing more than two pals having some harmless fun.

Hal swiftly fired back, “Already earned more points this pro league than your entire career. Keep it up.” “Already got more points this pro league than your entire career.” But, Dezignful has removed his initial post since it was published.

TSM is sitting in 16th place, on the outside of the playoffs, despite winning the ALGS Split 1 playoff in London in early February. This is due to the fact that TSM has had a difficult start to the second split.

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