EA SPORTS FC Rumored to Add Women’s Ultimate Team Mode in FIFA 24

With the conclusion of the cycle for FIFA 23, it has been rumored that EA SPORTS FC will add a Women’s Ultimate Team mode in the game. Here is what we are aware of at this time.

The number of women participating in FIFA competitions has increased at a dizzying rate during the past several years. EA SPORTS began by including a limited number of international teams in FIFA 16; but, in the seven years that have passed since then, Sam Kerr has been the first female athlete to appear on the cover of the game, and there are many official women’s leagues included in the game.

The UEFA Women’s Champions League and the National Women’s Soccer League, the top league for women’s soccer in the United States, have both been included in the game despite the fact that the FIFA 23 cycle is coming to a close. On the other hand, as we get ready for the moniker FIFA to be replaced by EA SPORTS FC, the women’s game could be taking an even more significant step ahead.

Regarding EA SPORTS FC 24, will a Women’s Ultimate Team mode exist?

Immediately after establishing the UWCL and NWSL, several leakers stated that EAS FC 24 would have a Women’s Ultimate Team mode. This news came shortly after the addition of the UWCL and NWSL.

Leakers have only been spreading an image of what could be the logo at this point; there has yet to be an official confirmation of anything. Unsurprisingly, it appears the mode, which would be distinct from the one that fans have been playing since 2009, will be called WUT – Women’s Ultimate Team – exactly like we have FUT now. This would not come as a surprise, as it has been suggested that the name would be similar to FUT.

Given that the FIFA trademark is being removed from the game, it is only natural that FUT will need to be renamed in the gaming scene; nevertheless, it is more likely that the new name will be UT.

Yet, this would not be the first EA SPORTS game to include women’s athletes in the Ultimate Team mode. Players in the current season of NHL Hockey are able to have female athletes in their national team lineups. This opportunity was made available by the competition.

Since that EA already owns the rights to the various teams, leagues, and tournaments, this indicates that the football game will likely take the same approach as the last one but will also likely include cards for club and national teams.

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