Mystery Xbox Project Revealed by Hideo Kojima

In this clip, Hideo Kojima discusses the “strange” game that Kojima Productions is making on Xbox and how it makes use of cloud computing.

Hideo Kojima recently revealed more details regarding the planned Kojima Productions/Xbox partnership. Many Kojima fans are still unaware that the Xbox game Kojima Productions is developing has been revealed due to the game’s extreme secrecy. However, Microsoft’s Xbox project is confirmed and currently under development. Kojima isn’t ready to reveal everything about it just yet, but he is becoming more at ease with discussing its progress.

On June 12, 2022, Microsoft revealed the existence of its secret Xbox project. Leaks have contributed to the misunderstanding around this announcement. There were leaks that explained the Kojima and Xbox partnership, and there were leaks that obscured it with theories about Silent Hill, the Abandoned, and Blue Box. The statement made on June 12 corrected previous information. Kojima was developing a new Xbox game that would make use of cloud computing.

Kojima explained his studio’s strategy for the Xbox project in an interview with IGN. In saying that he has been considering this idea for “five or six years,” Kojima makes it plain that he did not agree to it on the spur of the moment. Kojima, of course, isn’t going to spill the beans on the game’s mechanics or plot. His admission that the game is “strange” is, however, the least shocking thing we’ve ever heard about a Kojima creation.

Kojima once again speaks about the technology involved rather than concentrating on specifics best left for the debut of the Xbox game. Kojima claims that he is easily bored, thus he uses cutting-edge technology to keep himself engaged. Several businesses were uninterested in Kojima’s ambitions since they would need “infrastructure that was never required before,” with reference to the Xbox project in particular. Microsoft “showed they understood,” and that’s why Kojima chose to work with the business.

Kojima is being coy about the specifics of the Xbox cloud project, but it’s evident that it will be unlike anything he’s done before. It may seem like he’s setting himself up for failure with his bluster, but if there’s anybody who can deliver on his promises, it’s Hideo Kojima, who is now in charge of his own independent company and has almost unlimited creative freedom.

Whether or if Kojima Productions can work on two AAA projects at once is the largest open issue. Some are concerned that the Xbox game will be put on the back burner now that a sequel to Death Stranding has been announced. Unless that’s the case, the game may not be as big as some fans thought it would be. Keep checking back with GamingGadgets in 2023, when further details regarding Kojima Productions’ next game are expected to be revealed.

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