Adriana Chechik Discusses Numerous Swatting Incidents

Adriana Chechik, a Twitch broadcaster, reports that she has been swatted many times while healing at home from her back ailment.

Chechik said that she was repeatedly swatted while recuperating from a back ailment. Chechik fractured her back in two places at TwitchCon San Diego in October 2022 after leaping from a pedestal into a poorly cushioned foam pit.

Chechik had already had surgery for her accident, and on her return to Twitch live, she showed viewers the large scar on her spine. The uproar surrounding the foam pit incident continued when the streamer disclosed that TwitchCon venue staff did not reach out to her for weeks and that she discovered she was pregnant before her operation but was unable to retain the child due to the treatment she had to endure.

Chechik has resumed broadcasting on Twitch while recuperating at home, but she has supposedly also been experiencing swatting events. She said in a tweet that “some online trolls” who she thought originated from her Twitch chat had repeatedly contacted the police on her. Chechik said that law enforcement had reached a stage where they recognized her and “chat about our lives” every time they visited her home.

Many of Chechik’s followers and friends have defended her in the tweet’s responses, while she has not provided any other details concerning the swatting event. Despite the tense circumstances, they had compassion for her and hoped for her speedy recovery at home. Others advised her not to worry about the “haters,” but given the severity of swatting, it may not be that easy.

Swatting is a form of “prank” in which an individual phones emergency services to dispatch police officers to a certain place. This has already occurred to several broadcasters, the most recent being Adin Ross, who was swatted live on stream in November. Other broadcasters, including Ludwig, IShowSpeed, and Apex Legends pro player ImperialHal, have all encountered this upsetting situation, with thousands of viewers watching the majority of occurrences. It seems that police enforcement in Chechik’s neighborhood is already aware that she is the victim of this reckless prank.

In addition to swatting, Twitch broadcasters and content producers often fear being doxxed since once their location is out, it is simple to prank or harass them. This may be risky for these artists; therefore, many would relocate to a new location and increase their home’s security to protect themselves. Therefore, prominent people must maintain the security of their private information to avert similar problems.

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