The Patch for Pokemon Unite Is Live!

Update, which contains nerfs to particular Pokemon and battle pass improvements, is detailed on Pokemon Unite just before Christmas.

A few days before Christmas in 2022, Pokemon Unite received an upgrade to version Several Pokemon moves received boosts and reductions in this update, along with other changes to the game’s economy, battle pass, and a slew of bug and textual repairs. A short time after the launch of the Pokemon Unite Winter Holiday event, the patch was released.

Pokemon United has already shared their intentions for the next Winter Holiday event. All of the event’s activities, including the Shivre City Challenge Missions, Holiday Log-in Gifts, Aurora Ranked Matches, and Aurora Challenges, will conclude on Christmas Day, so players don’t have much time to get in on the action. Players still have until January 9 to complete the Illumination Challenge and win the special prizes for doing so.

Version of Pokemon Unite saw several severe nerfs to some Pokemon and their main attacks. As a result of the damage reduction and higher cooldown applied to Azumarill’s Water Pulse, the most powerful builds for this character will suffer a little setback. Dodrio’s Agility now has a longer cooldown, while Jump Kick’s cooldown has been reduced from 7.5 seconds to 6.5 seconds as a compensation. The cooldown of Sableye’s Confuse Ray was raised to 10 seconds, while Duraladon’s Revolving Ruin, Dragon Tail, and Dragon Pulse were severely nerfed.

Some significant improvements were achieved, though. Buzzwole’s Beast Boost has been changed so that it increases while damaging wild Pokemon; this will make Buzzwole useful earlier in the game, but at the cost of a tiny nerf to Lunge. Quick Attack The recharge time for Urshifu’s Liquidation ability has been cut in half, from 12 seconds to 10 seconds, and the ability’s protective effect has been boosted by 20%. Finally, the 8% increase to Cinderace’s Pyro Ball makes that ability a better choice among the top Cinderace setups presently advocated by Pokemon Unite players.

There will be more upcoming content for Pokemon Unite than just the next version upgrade. The Full-Fury Team Clash begins on December 26th, and the following day, on December 29th, Dragapult will be introduced to Pokemon Unite. Players may choose to fight for either Cinderace’s Team Blue or Buzzwole’s Team Red to accrue experience and get aesthetic prizes. This event will continue through Friday, February 5. The Christmas season is an exciting and hopeful time for Pokemon Unite and its players, with various events and goodies to acquire.

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