MW2 Players Debate the Effectiveness of the Sniper Glimmer Feature in Multiplayer

The developers of Modern Warfare 2 have included a sniper glimmer feature to reveal the location of enemy sharpshooters on the map, but some players argue that it is so bright that it actually helps the enemy.

It’s difficult to play Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone 2 for very long without encountering the dreaded sniper sight glare. While anyone caught in the open will find it especially horrifying, encountering it anywhere will make a player nervous.

The blazing beacon reflecting off the largest scopes in the game is so large that it may actually be saving opposing marksmen more frequently than not, even though the white light does a decent job of giving comrades a general notion of where to shoot.

MW2 Players Find Sniper Scope Glint a Problem in Multiplayer

The different scopes feature varied degrees of shine, as mentioned on the game’s Reddit thread. For weaker magnifications, the light is smaller and less noticeable, but as the strength increases, so does the reflection.

Many believe that this time’s gleam is simply too much when compared to other examples from the series. One player said that while using a scope with a glimmer used to be disadvantageous, it is now advantageous. A second individual agreed with them, saying that the Modern Warfare 2 developers “have thought of everything” and that it’s a “sniper scope with flashbang update.”

Others, however, were less amused by the circumstance and referred to the blinders as “very restrictive” and “a terrible nuisance” to cope with. A few players also admitted that the issue persists in Warzone 2, where the larger, more open map size of Al-Mazrah makes it much more feasible to use larger scopes. This was another point of consensus among the players.

It is uncertain if Infinity Ward or Raven Software, the developers of Warzone 2, will address these complaints. In the meantime, it is advised to either flee or aim for the center of the light and say a quick prayer before firing.

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