Warzone 2: Master the Dumpster Landing Trick for Safe and Surprising Escapes

Warzone 2’s mysteries are only just beginning to be exposed, and a crafty player has already uncovered one that makes escaping difficult situations a little bit simpler.

Many players of Warzone 2 will be familiar with the agony of not having a decent site to land while things are moving quickly, whether it be on the initial landing of the match or during a frantic escape. This will be something that they have experienced at some point.

It is already common knowledge that deep water is a risk-free alternative; but, for an operator who is restricted to land, the available choices are significantly more limited. This tip reveals a bit more of the terrain and could prove to be invaluable in a sticky situation.

Dumpster Landing Trick in Warzone 2

In the battle royale mode of Call of Duty, being ordered to leap from a tall structure is standard procedure. Whether it’s due to a killstreak or an approaching helicopter, there are plenty of scenarios in which a squad can be forced to make a split-second choice and scramble for cover.

When it occurs again, keep this recommendation in mind and make a beeline for an open-faced trashcan to seek refuge in its comforting embrace. It might sound contradictory, but if you fall into one of them, you won’t sustain any injury from the fall, and your legs will be protected. This applies to anyone who is bold enough to try it for themselves.

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A word of caution before you attempt this: it is difficult to pinpoint a landing without practice, so it is possible that the first attempt will not go over very well. If you want to avoid the additional risk of hitting too near the metal lip, you should make sure that you are centered over the trash bags before you make contact.

On the other hand, if one person remembers all of that information, then it is the ideal strategy for surprising and outmaneuvering a ravenous squad. Anyone with this information ought to be able to beat them to the ground and get the first shots in the resumed gunfight, even if they follow from the rooftop.

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