Modern Warfare 2’s Perk System: XclusiveAce’s Proposed Changes and Community Reception

TheXclusiveAce, a Call of Duty YouTuber, has revealed what he would modify about Modern Warfare 2’s perk system, and gamers agree that it is the ideal modification. In some aspects, Modern Warfare 2 followed the tried-and-true CoD paradigm, while attempting to innovate in others. The perk system was one element of conventional multiplayer that it overhauled.

Players can choose four in MW2, as opposed to three in earlier incarnations. But they begin matches with two (Base perks) and get the following two as the play progresses (Bonus & Ultimate perks). 

TheXclusiveAce, a CoD expert, has commented on the controversy ahead of the postponed Season Two. This has drawn some criticism from the player base. The content producer discussed his problems with the current system and his proposed changes in a video from January 20.

Proposed Multi-Tier Benefit System for Enhanced Gameplay Experience

“I think the original idea of this approach was to have your gameplay grow during a battle,” he said in more explanation. However, it seems more like you are being purposefully held back until you acquire the rewards, and then you may play with the playstyle you wanted to play with all along.

Instead, Ace suggested three levels of benefits, the first of which were “playstyle defining” benefits. In addition to their playstyle, bonuses would make up the second tier. Third-tier perks like Scavenger and Ninja would be more focused on gear or movement.

Players of MW2 Applaud XclusiveAce’s Proposed Perk System

With the player base, it seems to have been exceptionally well received. Players flocked in to agree with a Reddit post that read, “We absolutely need this revised perk system.”

Like Ace noted in his video, there was widespread agreement that the modified system will enable gamers to play however they choose right away, free from arbitrary perks constraints. For instance, one supporter stated: “Removing the stupid charge-up system is the most crucial component… His video is excellent, in my opinion. One may fantasize.

Season Two will offer a variety of community-driven modifications, according to Infinity Ward, who has so far kept quiet about perk changes. We can dream, as one Redditor put it.

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