Call of Duty Mobile’s Superior Skins Spark Debate Among Modern Warfare 2 Fans

Fans of Modern Warfare 2 have questioned how the skins in the Call of Duty Mobile spin-off are so much better than those in the main yearly installment after the introduction of a new legendary skin as part of Season 1 Reawakening.

The player characters and weapons in some of the most recent Call of Duty games had flamboyant skins. Numerous in-game skins with vivid colors and striking designs were made possible through collaborations with Attack on Titan and Snoop Dogg.

But it was decided to keep the operator and weapon skins grounded and realistic for Modern Warfare 2. Many users and content producers who want to see valuable packages in the game’s store have protested this choice.

This even led to a heated discussion about two different skins from the store that appeared remarkably similar that erupted on the game’s subreddit. The communities of Call of Duty Mobile and Modern Warfare 2 have now engaged in another argument, with many players using examples of the mobile game’s skins to disparage the aesthetics of MW2.

COD Mobile Has Superior Cosmetics Than MW2

“Ferg,” a partner for the mobile version of Call of Duty, uploaded a screenshot of one of the new skins. Players of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 swamped the comments area with an appreciation for the original and entertaining vision of the designers while also lamenting the current state of MW2’s store.

“Mobile offers more attractive visuals than the standard game…nice,” one user said. A third chimed in with the same question: “Aye Infinity Ward, where’s this in Modern Warfare 2?” Beans, a member of the Boston Breach, joined in on the conversation by tweeting a screenshot of one of the skins from Modern Warfare 2’s store without any commentary to emphasize the point.

On the other hand, a new point of view regarding this debate has surfaced, which argues that such pricey skins would not be consistent with the game’s nature and aesthetics and that they maintain the game’s authenticity.

In any event, coming forward, the creators are going to make an effort to pique the interest of gamers by providing a bigger variety of skins and cosmetics.

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