Himmelmatt Exhibition Map Added to Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play Roster

A few bugs were resolved in the most recent update to the Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play mode, and the game’s newest map was added to the roster of competitive maps.

The developers of Modern Warfare 2 have seen a significant amount of success with their Ranked Play mode. The model has been met with favorable reactions across almost all fronts; the only things holding it back are worries about cheaters and a restricted map pool.

In addition, after the release of the new Himmelmatt Exhibition map in Season 2, a number of players demanded that it be used to replace some of the less effective map and mode combinations. Treyarch has taken note of the feedback and is currently putting the map to the test in Ranked. They are hoping that it will shed light on whether or not the map can operate inside the official rulebook for the Call of Duty League.

Himmelmatt Exhibition from Modern Warfare 2 has been included in Ranked Play

Himmelmatt Expo is now available for use in Ranked Play, and the Search & Destroy and Control game types are currently being evaluated. Although the CDL has yet to decide to replace Al Bagra Control, this is the first serious opportunity for reform, which has been hoped for by both the professionals and the fans of the game.

“There has been a lot of discussion regarding including Himmelmatt Expo in our selection of competitive maps,” said the developers. Then why don’t we give it a shot in Ranked Play and see how it goes? Also, does the idea of Control and Seek and Destroy appeal to you? The developers posted tweets.

In addition, this decision was met with widespread approval almost immediately. CouRage, a former commentator for the Call of Duty World League and a streaming celebrity, was one of the first to appreciate the studio’s effort to spice things up.

“Wow, it is excellent. Congratulations, he said in response to Treyarch. Even though there is no early indication of what will be coming in Season 2 of Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play, the developers still need to finish cooking things up for the new mode. Also, season 1 of Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play is only 17 days from its conclusion.

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