Modern Warfare 2 Fans Demand Long Overdue Operator Customization Option: The Game Begs for It

A “long overdue” customization option for Operator skins is what Modern Warfare 2 fans are demanding, with many believing that the “game begs for it.” Modern Warfare 2 is constantly evolving. Its regular updates give players a wide selection of weaponry, fresh metas, updated Operators, and tons of stuff to get their teeth into. Despite this, fans still come up with creative suggestions for novel additions to this well-liked, fast-paced FPS game.

The need for more Operator customization options was highlighted by one user, who claimed that “Operator customization is long overdue.” A concept like this was quickly met with resounding approval, with many praising the design and pleading with MW2 to use it.

Players of MW2 propose creative Operator customization

A Modern Warfare 2 player who posted to Reddit included a video of an operator with several patches on their clothes. They promoted their idea to implement patches onto operators, helping those display their passions or designs in a subtly yet effective way. Also, they said that “Operator customization is long overdue” and “believe this will be revolutionary for the next game in the franchise and other upcoming games of the Call Of Duty series in total.” along with the video.

The MW2 community flocked to the comments shortly after the post went live to express their support for the idea, with others saying that the “game begs for it” and that it “has the potential to be great.”

It’s interesting to note that Call of Duty has always offered players the chance to customize their Operators, with Advanced Warfare allowing players to alter their Operator’s appearance. One player mentioned this and said it was “sad to see a game that is almost ten years old have better customization options than the last four entries.” Naturally, many gamers started to speculate about how Activision will carry out such an idea, with one player predicting that “it’ll end up being in a battle pass and bundles just like charms.”

Others voiced their worries, saying, “as much as I like this idea, it just gives Activision more excuse to bundle extra crap and artificially inflate the ‘value’ of their bundles.” Some disagreed, saying that “having a patch of your calling card and emblem would be badass and make them a little more valuable in bundles.” The Modern Warfare 2 fans would like the prospect of patches for their preferred Operator, regardless of whether they would fit well in bundles or how they were presented.

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