Pokemon Go Player Seeks Advice on Which Galarian Bird to Catch with a Master Ball

One player playing Pokemon Go decided they did not want to throw away their Master Ball, so they turned to other players for advice on which Galarian Bird they should catch. Several variations of the classic Poke Ball are seen in the Pokemon universe. On the other hand, none of them can compare to the value of the Master Ball.

This uncommon Poke Ball type has a capture rate of one hundred percent, which means there is no possibility of a desired monster evading its grasp, contributing to the ball’s high level of demand. Players of POGO like to give some thought to the subsequent capture they want to make before employing the Master Ball because of this consideration. Recently, one of these players posted a topic on Reddit asking for the assistance of other people.

The Pokemon GoMaster Ball question fuels Galarian Bird’s argument

One player of POGO went to Reddit to find out which Galarian Bird would be the most beneficial target for their Master Ball. The individual who posts under the handle EmuPsychologist on Reddit has stated that they want to prevent themselves from throwing away their Master Ball.

To their good fortune, they have obtained several perspectives from Pokemon Go veterans, each of which deserves attention. It is interesting to note that one commenter stated that the decision should come down to the preference of the Redditor because none of the Galarian Birds constitute “top choices” for raids or PvP battles.

Someone else has made a case for Moltres and Zapdos; the former is a logical option for Ultra League, while the latter’s status as a “decent Fighting type attacker” makes them useful for raids. The thread’s participants have concluded that a Zapdos should serve as the player’s primary objective to obtain a Master Ball quickly.

A commenter on the post offered the following justification for their choice: “I’d say Zapdos because you can use it in Fighting Cup, and his flying type allows you to be strong against fighting and resist their attacks.” Another person made a similar case for Zapdos, claiming that out of all the Galarian Birds, it possesses the most versatile set of techniques. The original posting has yet to mention which direction they would travel, although it would appear that Zapdos is the most likely option to take.

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