Riot Games Implements Strict Measures to Combat Toxicity: Restricted Access to Ranked League of Legends for Disruptive Players

Riot Games has stated that players whose access to Ranked League of Legends will be restricted if they are found to have engaged in toxic or other antisocial behavior.

Riot has committed to making additional efforts to address toxicity across the entire game in their most recent development blog update. One of these severe new adjustments might see players who were previously punished for disruptive behavior wholly banned from being able to queue for Ranked games. They had made several efforts in the past to address the toxicity problems that have been plaguing League of Legends for a long time. This is the most recent of those efforts.

Riot has promised that players engaging in toxic behavior would be banned from ranked League of Legends

In the post, Riot announced that they would be rolling out new restrictions for disruptive players in the upcoming months, including the potential disabling of that player’s ability to queue for ranked games. The following excerpt from the post: “Within the next few months, we will be limiting access to Ranked play for players our systems have punished.”

Suppose you are punished for disruptive behavior such as purposeful feeding, many AFKs, or severe chat abuse. In that case, you will be limited from accessing the Ranked queue and will be required to play in other lines to re-unlock the Ranked queue. “This implies that you will be banned from the Ranked queue if you are punished for disruptive behavior such as intentional feeding, multiple AFKs, or severe conversation abuse.

LoL Toxic Gameplay

“Although there is a possibility that disruptive players will move to other queues, we are aware that the atmosphere of the Ranked queue results in significantly more disruptive behavior.” “These limits will also be in addition to any existing punishments, which means that repeatedly disruptive players will be given account bans, during which they will be unable to play any games in any queue for a predetermined amount of time. We will watch for disruptive behavior in other lines to ensure it stays manageable after introducing the new version.

Riot Games also stated that they had significantly enhanced the speed at which they were processing reports regarding toxic and feeding players, which resulted in more successful punishments than at any other time in the company’s history.

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