LoL players wants nerf to “unfair” Zeri because she dominates in Pro Scene

Players of League of Legends are pleading for Zeri nerfs after she dominated professional play for months in every area. Players are “sick” of seeing her because of her nearly 100% pick/ban rate. Zeri’s equipment sounds intriguing and enjoyable on paper. Her requirement to aim each auto attack adds expertise that other ADC champions do not possess. If Zeri can overcome her fragile early game, she will be a force to be reckoned with thanks to her high mobility and strong team fight presence.

Her reasonably even winning streak in the solo queue results from this. She doesn’t have impressive statistics overall, but those who choose to one-trick her have higher win rates than those who take her up for one or two games. She could be more wrecking the win rate like Annie’s enormous collection of buffs did for a patch or two.

But League of Legends professional competition fans are sick of seeing her in every match. Thousands of genuine fans descended on one large Reddit post to express their emotional hatred for Zeri and their belief that she requires nerfs to add variety to professional play despite being reasonably balanced in solo queue.

Fans of League of Legends are sick of Zeri’s professional performance.

The League of Legends balance team has a past of adjusting the game’s balance to accommodate professional play when necessary. Ryze and Azir are two champions who have spent years in a situation where their single queue win rates are appalling, but they are both still very pro-play viable.

Some champions perform better in professional play, where you have a close-knit group of 5 players who can take advantage of some champions’ finest qualities. For instance, Ryze’s ultimate is somewhat tricky to use in the single queue but completely transforms the game into professional play. Zeri has a much greater power level in professional play than in solo queue because pros can draft and play around her effectively. She’s not terrible in the sole line by any means, but she’s a monster in competitive play.

It’s been hotly debated whether Zeri can be balanced so that she will be competitive scene in the solo queue and pro play after performances like Golden Guardians’ Stixxay going in 1v5 as Zeri and surviving. She received a significant amount of nerfing before Worlds 2022 to alter the meta after dominating the entire year. Still, sidegrade changes gave her a massive boost in 2023, and she has been ubiquitous ever since.

Consequently, there has been a significant discussion on Reddit about whether or not Zeri is fit to play the game. The initial poster’s comment, “This feels like another champion that can’t be balanced in the solo queue without being permanently present in pro games,” was repeated throughout the thread.

Players elaborated on this point by saying that Zeri may never be balanced because of her high basic health scaling, mobility, and nearly unmatched late-game scaling.

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