CDL rules update removes weapon tuning and AR from Modern Warfare 2 Competitive Play

The CDL rules for Modern Warfare 2 have removed weapon tuning and a Ranked Play AR from the competitive play pool in the most recent update. On February 15, the developers released the Ranked Play system for Modern Warfare 2, which has been a massive success since its introduction.

Not only has it garnered accolades from the pros for improving the average Ranked experience, but because of the highly developed experience, streamers and casual players have also found a new love for Call of Duty. However, the regulations in Ranked Play needed to align with how CDL players have been playing the game; hence, the most recent rules update makes a few unwritten competitive norms into official legislation.

The latest patch for Modern Warfare 2’s CDL has banned weapon tweaking and the Kastov 762

Yet, despite the fact that the regulations for Ranked Play have already banned many of the game’s most overpowered weapons, one AR has managed to get beyond the restrictions. The Kastov 762 was a sneaky choice in Ranked Play because to the fact that it was one of the game’s most accessible weapons to operate.

The 762 and its close relative, the Kastov 545, are both common choices for the cheats plaguing the playlist ever since it was first introduced. Although it is slightly more difficult to aim with them than the other options, their fast time-to-kill makes them the perfect choice for quickly winning fights. As a result, players who weren’t cheating picked it up and tried it out for themselves, and since the beginning of March, both weapons appeared to be gaining momentum on the Taq-56, which has been the favorite AR throughout the all of the season.

A so-called “gentleman’s agreement initially prohibited the practice of Weapon Tuning.” Still, it has since been added to the official ban list alongside the ISO Hemlock, a long list of Killstreaks, and a significant amount of equipment. Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play has not yet incorporated these adjustments, but they will make them available after the launch of Season 2 Reloaded on March 15.

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