Keria’s Innovative Caitlyn Support: A Guide to Experimenting with Off-Meta Picks in the LCK

In his solo queue games, Keria has been experimenting with off-meta support picks, which has led to him using Caitlyn’s support in an official LCK game and winning. Here is the information you require to give it a try.

Innovators are in abundance in the support function, particularly within the LCK. In single queue and on stage, players like Ryu ‘Keria’ Min-seok, Cho ‘BeryL’ Geon-hee, and Son ‘Lehends’ Si-woo have a history of experimenting with off-meta picks.

Zeri/Yuumi and Heimerdinger/Ashe dominate the bot lane meta, which is considered stale. To thwart first-pick deserved bot lane combos, pros worldwide have been using every method. BeryL’s tried-and-true Heimerdinger opposition, Jhin backing, has created. Things continued.

Keria won a legitimate LCK match with Caitlyn’s help to eliminate Zeri. Despite her niche use, Caitlyn is a playable support option if you know how to play and build her.

Why should you pick Caitlyn as support?

As an ADC, Caitlyn is a huge lane bully, which makes playing her as a support quite effective. She has a lot more utility than most ADC champions with her wide auto attack range, long-range poke with her Q, and the CC from both her traps and her E.

In that regard, she is similar to Ashe. Caitlyn compensates for her lack of large slows, vision control, and a global stun with some extremely high burst damage and lockdown. Caitlyn’s support works best when paired with an ADC who can lock down a target and give her enough time to set a trap under them despite the fact that she already faces a lot of pressure.

Caitlyn and Varus were paired. He can capture someone with an ultimate because it immobilizes them for a lengthy period. Few champions can survive this lane’s all-in. They also strain lanes.

Zeri/Yuumi is vulnerable to early game pressure; hence having Caitlyn on your team is worth it. Even though she isn’t building like a standard ADC and doesn’t have the same damage as if she were taking the farm, she is a tremendous force in the lane.

Build and Runes for Caitlyn

Caitlyn Build by Keria

With Caitlyn’s poke and burst damage, Keria should choose First Strike or Dark Harvest for his full damage/lethality build. Instead of depending on one massive burst, Keria always uses Hail of Blades for added attack speed and damage.

Taste of Blood heals while poking in-lane, Zombie Ward stacks quickly with Umbral Glaive, and Treasure Hunter is Keri’s go-to as her main goal is winning lane and snowballing the game. Magical Footwear and Biscuit Delivery are basic Inspiration runes, with Footwear providing gold efficiency in a time when support revenue is scarce. If you don’t need mana to sustain, Future’s Market can substitute Biscuits.

Caitlyn Rune

With assistance from Caitlyn, you’ll rarely reach full-build. Instead of a detailed build recommendation, here are her basic item picks. A spectral Sickle is always the finest support item. For visual control, hurry to Umbral Glaive.

Duskblade or Eclipse is the mythological choice. Eclipse is more adaptable and survivable, whereas Duskblade is fantastic for snowballing if you lead the lane. Collector, a meme item, is an entertaining third choice. Caitlyn support could be the next hard-carry solo queue option, but only Keria has tried it in pro play.

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