Ludwig on the ‘Interesting’ Squirtle Squad and the Risks of Signing a Valorant Esports Team

Ludwig Ahgren, a well-known content developer and co-owner of Moist Esports, said that the Squirtle Squad is “interesting” but that he is still undecided about playing in Valorant esports. Ludwig mentioned in his most recent live broadcast that he had received a ton of emails pleading with him to sign Squirtle Squad, one of the six Valorant teams that qualified for the NA Challengers.

Squirtle Squad, led by former XSET and NRG player Matthew “Wedid” Suchan, is still looking for a team to represent in the competition. The Valorant community was invited to suggest options when it was discovered earlier this week that the squad would have to play under a different moniker due to a Nintendo trademark.

Another Squirtle Squad member, Anthony ‘Okeanos’ Nguyen, advised that the team join Charles ‘MoistCr1TiKal’ White’s Moist Esports, which recently added Ludwig as a new co-owner and was formed by the streamer and YouTuber.

When referring to Squirtle Squad, Ludwig commented, “I’ve been tagged a lot in those. Because neither Tier 1 nor Tier 2 teams signed the Valorant squad, it is a broken collection of youths. They needed to be more talented to make the Challengers League, which is a relatively difficult thing to do in North America due to their status as cracked Valorant youngsters. Only one out of 12 teams do that.

They are one of those who did it, and anyone in the world could have done it. It is intriguing, but Valorant is difficult.

Timestamp: 52:04

Ludwig expresses his worries about Valorant esports

Ludwig continued by talking about how signing a Challengers club would not guarantee anything because only the top two teams in the league would go to the Americas Ascension qualifying tournament, which would grant a two-year tenure in the international Valorant competition.

The Challengers League teams that aren’t affiliated with Riot Games will probably need to requalify the following year. Ludwig thinks that investment necessitates a precise risk assessment. “Let’s imagine I sign a Valorant team, and they lose in this [Challengers League]; it wouldn’t be shocking; how would I feel? It might occur. Then, they must wait till the next year and repeat the process.

Before making a judgment, Ludwig stated that he still has to learn more about the Valorant ecosystem. He previously claimed that he could create teams for specific esports games that MoistCr1TiKal “is maybe not as big a fan of” and give them any name he pleased.

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