Final Fantasy 9 Remake Speculations Reignite After Nvidia Leak Confirmation

Following a leak by Nvidia over two years ago, speculations regarding a supposed remake of Final Fantasy 9 have resurfaced, according to an industry insider. Someone successfully broke into the Nvidia GeForce Now database in September 2021 and gained access to information on games that had yet to be officially revealed.

After the leak, several games made statements about their upcoming releases, including Tekken 8, Mortal Kombat 12, Helldivers 2, and a fourth Cyrsis game. Many of the details contained in the leak turned out to be accurate. The list of leaked titles also included a re-release of the Final Fantasy 9 game. While Square Enix maintains its silence over the rumored existence of the project, information obtained from a reliable source within the business suggests that the Nvidia leak will eventually be proven true yet again.

A source close to the project states that the remake of Final Fantasy 9 is “real and happening”

Journalist Jeff Grubb stated on the episode of Giant Bomb’s Game Mess Mornings show that aired on June 5 that the inclusion of Final Fantasy 9 in the Nvidia leak was not an oversight. The following is what Grubb said: “I will say that I heard very recently, once again, that the Final Fantasy 9 remake is real.” That is the case, and it is taking place.

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Co-host Lex Luddy questioned whether Grubb believes the remake project will embrace FF7 Remake’s real-time and strategic warfare combination. The journalist said he did not know for sure, but he observed that it was probably the “right move.” He said, “I also think there’s a chance that the Final Fantasy 9 remake almost certainly isn’t as ambitious as the Final Fantasy remake stuff, but maybe somewhere between the Crisis Core and Final Fantasy 7 remake stuff.” As is customary, viewing rumors and leaks with a healthy dose of skepticism is essential. Fans of the long-running series still have much to look forward to in the Final Fantasy franchise, even if a remake of Final Fantasy 9 needs to be put in the works. After all, the PS5 version of Final Fantasy 16 is scheduled to launch on June 22.

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