JoeWo’s ‘Zero Recoil’ AR Revolutionizes Warzone 2 Long-Range Shooting

Joseph ‘JoeWo’ Wohala claims to have found an AR in Warzone 2 with “zero recoils,” He has demonstrated this AR’s effectiveness on both the Firing Range and the battlefield.

JoeWo is always eager to experiment with non-metagame strategies; this time, he seems to have a winning strategy. He found a design that hardly moved at all after firing the first few rounds in his search for a firearm with a manageable amount of recoil. Although it is not as powerful as the Sakin MG38, the TAQ-V, or the RPK, this will undoubtedly revolutionize shooting at long range for players that have trouble winning long-range combat.

JoeWo’s ‘zero recoils’ Lachman-556 Warzone 2 loadout

JoeWo favors the Lachmann-556 as his primary weapon for use at long range. This weapon is a no-brainer considering it only has vertical recoil that can be readily controlled and stops kicking upward after a short period. Although it won’t score a two-shot kill any time soon, it only has easily controlled vertical recoil.

In the video attached below, Wohala holds the trigger down without attempting to manage the rifle’s recoil. Once he gets a few shots into the magazine, the recoil of the gun reaches its peak and remains there until he runs out of bullets. To produce the same result, everyone should model their build after his.

  • Optic: AIM OP-V4
  • Muzzle: Komodo Heavy
  • Underbarrel: FTAC Ripper 56
  • Ammo: 5.56 High Velocity
  • Magazine: 60-Round Mag

JoeWo utilized this class to significantly affect Ashika Island, keeping distance for most of the game and using the extra-precise aiming to score easy kills. Despite this being the type of gun that gets a more significant value on Al Mazrah, JoeWo used this class to greatly benefit Al Mazrah.

He finished the match with 18 kills, but he was ousted from the competition by a strategically placed drill charge in the top five, which occurred as he was stuck in the gas at the end of the match. Even though he did not secure the victory, he demonstrated beyond a reasonable question how powerfully effective this loadout can be.

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