Jirachi Masterwork Questline in Pokemon Go Excites Players with Challenging Tasks and Rare Rewards

Niantic has released the Special Research assignments for the Jirachi Masterwork questline in Pokemon Go, and users are excited about the difficulty and time-consuming nature of these challenges. Niantic publishes several Special Research questlines throughout the year, both paid and free, ranging from ridiculously simple to complicated. And the most challenging of all of them now goes by the name “Masterwork Research,” which was just recently given to them.

You can access Masterwork Research by purchasing a ticket to one of the annual Go Tour events, which costs money. And in addition to that, they offer rare Pokemon species that are difficult to get in other areas of Pokemon Go or the games in the main series.

Consequently, Pokemon Go has developed a pattern in which completing Masterwork Research might take several months or even years. Gamers must visit tens of thousands of Pokestops, catch tens of thousands of Pokemon, and finish waves of time-consuming chores to gain access to an enormous reward after the game.

Players of Pokemon Go adore the challenging nature of Jirachi Masterworks

Players wouldn’t enjoy these chores that appear to be difficult, but the reception has been quite the reverse of what you might expect. Gamers on the TheSilphRoad subreddit are praising Niantic for releasing another Masterwork Research that will take them several months to complete.

A comment made by the user Razzspoons read: “I’m so delighted this appears as though it would take some time. I get a lot of satisfaction from making headway on them and observing the (albeit sluggish) improvement. Another player who goes by the moniker leemifsud commented that one of their favorite aspects of the game is “these research quests that take months.”

The overwhelming majority of the more than 300 people who left a remark agreed that the game benefits from adding complex difficulties that aren’t usually there. Particularly for players who have already achieved level 50, as the challenges for level 40 and above are some of the only research projects that can compete with the level of complexity presented by Masterworks.

But, the benefits that come from finishing the research make the arduous road worthwhile in the end. Shiny Mew has not been legally attainable since 2005. Obtaining an Apex Lugio or Ho-oh requires purchasing a Masterwork Apex, and the only way to get a Shiny Jirachi is through a convoluted hunting strategy that requires a Pokemon bonus disc for the GameCube. Players in Pokemon Go don’t mind the amount of effort required to complete Masterwork Research because it provides a means for them to obtain scarce species.

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