SK Gaming Secures Historic Run with Convincing Victory over Vitality in LEC 2023

No one anticipated that SK would have a successful year in 2023. Still, they defeated Vitality convincingly and have ensured that they will have one of the most successful runs in the organization’s history. SK has been present in the League of Legends competitive scene since its inception as an organization. They began competing in League of Legends eSports in 2010 and have since established themselves as one of the organizations with the longest track records in the game’s history of competitive play.

Yet, the early investment did not guarantee success in the long run. They were a well-known team before the LEC’s rebranding, but they were eventually demoted after compiling a losing streak that was long enough to get them kicked out of the EU LCS entirely. They had been missing for nearly two years at that point. Since earning a franchise spot and forcing their way back into the professional arena of League of Legends via the LEC 2019, they have had, at the very best, unimpressive results in their matches. Until this point, the organization has yet to achieve any level of success with its rosters.

SK wins easily against the widely favored Vitality team by a 2-0

SK was supposed to be the underdog, even though they finished the regular season in third place. The Vitality roster comprises a potent combination of seasoned players and up-and-coming stars such as Bo and Photon. The team finished the regular season in the first place, and they have an impressive lineup.

Despite this, SK successfully put together a rookie roster and used it to their advantage. Before the split began, none of the players, except Markoon, stood out as noteworthy. That is no longer the case. After returning from a 10k gold deficit to win game one against Vitality, they crushed VIT without remorse in game two and clinched their spot in the playoffs spectacularly.

The lone player from SK’s 2022 lineup still active, Sertuss has finally been able to find success with new squad members surrounding him in recent matches. In the meantime, Vitality has gone through their last two sets with a record of 0-4 across the board. As of right now, it is difficult to determine if SK is that good or whether Vitality could not maintain its composure for a sufficient amount of time to make it to the finish line.

Whatever the outcome, SK Gaming has made history with this run. After their shocking victory over BDS, Astralis is now competing against MAD Lions for a place in the top four of the standings. An organization trapped at the bottom of the standings up until this point might be experiencing yet another remarkable run. MAD Lions is now in fifth place. When 2023 rolls around, it will take a lot of work to forecast what will occur in the LEC.

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