Ash’s Buff in Apex Legends’ Sun Squad Collection Event Falls Short of Community Expectations

Ash received a buff in the most recent patch for Apex Legends, the Sun Squad Collection Event; nonetheless, many players believe that it was insufficient to make her worth playing again. Over most of Ash’s existence, her players have been screaming for a buff, and now, thanks to the Sun Squad Collection Event, Respawn is finally giving them what they’ve been asking for.

The enhancement came in the form of a boost to her Arc Snare technique, which made it move more quickly and increased the likelihood that it would successfully capture the target it was meant for. That was a frequent request on its own, but many people still believe that the Incisive Instigator needs more than that to be functional, and one player brought out a significant problem with the ability as a whole.

The specifics of Ash’s newly implemented Apex Legends boost

On Reddit, it likely observed that Ash’s tactical skill could only be used with one hand. It in and of itself usually comes with certain benefits in Apex Legends. Other Legends can ideally use one-handed skills while simultaneously sprinting, reloading, or healing. On the other hand, Ash is incapable of doing any of these things, which severely limits how it can be effective in high-pressure settings.

Undoubtedly, the buff was a significant enhancement to that ability; nonetheless, the community believes there is still an opportunity for their preferred Simulacrum to develop further. It is a somewhat poor buff for a character who has yet to be relevant in their history. “I wish it could have been more. Making it comparable to these may make her a little more attractive to play,” observed one devoted fan. “I wish it could have been more.”

Another player said that they hoped the range of her ultimate ability would be increased and suggested that there should also be a flag that indicates how far the caster will have to travel to use it. “When her ultimate is interrupted, it will result in your death. It’s highly possible that this is one of the primary reasons she isn’t used in competition.” Although the buff will be implemented into the game on March 28, early reviewers have reached a unanimous conclusion regarding the latest Heirloom-wielding Legend’s potential to enter the metagame.

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