Epic Games Ends Practice of Recreating Fortnite Maps in Creative 2.0

When Creativity 2.0 was released, players competed to be the first to recreate the original map from Fortnite Chapter 1, but Epic Games is ending the practice moving forward. Since Community leakers hinted at creative 2.0, Unreal Editor for Fortnite has been eagerly anticipated by creative gamers. Players could import their unique models into the editor using this new set of capabilities. Allowing them to venture beyond Fortnite’s available assets.

The players started competing to be the first to reproduce the Fortnite Chapter 1 island as soon as UEFN was announced, as we saw. Players have been pleading with Fortnite to bring back the Chapter 1 map for around three and a half years. Although the original map was anticipated to be fully recreated. Epic Games has stated that it will no longer be possible to play any of the map areas from Chapters 2 and 3. However, the gaming community that succeeds in remaking the Fortnite Chapter 1 map is unable to gain money.

Original Fortnite Map developers are discouraged by Epic Games

A blog post with the headline “Updating terms to enable releasing versions of battle royale Chapter 1 Islands” broke the news. Epic Games declared that all seasonal versions of Fortnite’s Battle Royale maps and islands are Epic’s intellectual property. Players could not utilize someone else’s IP to produce commercial content in UEFN.

The site continued by saying that although gamers were free to rend the Fortnite Chapter 1 map. They could not make money off them. Creators no longer receive compensation via Creator Codes under the provisions of Fortnite’s Creator Economy 2.0. Instead, they are compensated according to how much players interact with their content. Players cannot, however, receive Engagement Payouts from any remade Chapter 1 maps.

The blog stated that users were only permitted to recreate maps from Chapters 1 and 1 instead of Chapters 2 or 3. According to players in the community, the amount of licensed content that surrounds the maps in later chapters may cause this. 

Players may now access Fortnite’s original maps through creative mode, but map developers aren’t particularly motivated to expand on them. You’re out of luck if you wish to play on the Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 maps.

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