Genshin Impact Announces Minor Nerf for New Character Mika Amid Player Complaints

Only a few days after Mika was added to the game’s 3.5 updates, Genshin Impact revealed its intentions to nerf Mika, leading to players’ relief slightly. As the new 4-star character in Genshin Impact, Mika was added to Shenhe and Ayaka’s rerun Wish Banners. Mika, the Mondstadt Reconnaissance Company’s Surveyor, was the second Cryo Polearm user after Rosaria.

Four days after Mika was made a playable character, Genshin Impact admitted that the Stamina Cost of his Charged Attack had been entered mistakenly as 20 rather than the usual 25. Many players had raised concerns about the character’s overpowered build prior to the announcement.

Mika receives a slight modification from Genshin Impact

Reddit user Gas4078 shared a screenshot of the planned Mika modification in the Genshin Impact subreddit. According to the statement, a March 30 update would address Mika’s Stamina Cost problem. Genshin Impact will compensate players with Primogems for the change, as is customary with nerfs.

“Picture making 5 charged attack with him as healer/support and then getting nerfed to 4,” MikasaChan said in admiration of choice. The character was broken. According to another member, his and Dehya’s beta was among the most depressing betas I’ve ever seen. Also, Mika didn’t even get a significant modification to his kit throughout the beta.

The previous banner for Genshin Impact showed the new 5-star Pyro Claymore user Dehya, whose lackluster kit led many players to demand that HoYoverse fix the character. Many players believed Mika was too powerful, although some were disappointed in HoYoverse’s decision to modify Mika. “They adore making pointless alterations to characters that no one asked for,” tetePT observed.

Taokaka chan guessed that HoYoverse was concerned about the Cryo character because of Hu Tao. They wrote, “Noooo, my charged attack build, Mika, I’ll never get over this.” “This is a big nerf. We need to demand Dehya buff as compensation,” said the player. “They must be afraid about his power creeping Hu Tao.” Even though the gaming firm corrected Mika’s mistakes, other characters’ flaws still exist. For instance, other Sword characters’ abilities use 20 stamina, whereas Keqing’s Charged Strike requires 25 energy. HoYoverse may or may not consider players’ demands for an enhanced Dehya kit.

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