Flappy Bird Returns as Playable Character in Fortnite

In 2014, the famous and very addicting mobile game Flappy Bird was removed from app stores; now, thanks to the diligent efforts of a few coders, the King has been brought back and is now playable in Fortnite.

Back in 2013, Flappy Bird was the video game that everyone was talking about. Players were given control of, you guessed it, a Flappy Bird in an insanely addicting game. For players to successfully avoid the pipes heading in their direction, they had to tap their screens at precisely the right moment to give the Bird permission to spread its wings and rise into the air.

The actual game was highly addicting, and it could be picked up and played pretty much whenever and anywhere you pleased. Also, it continued indefinitely, which meant that players could keep going and going until they eventually lost, and then immediately begin playing once more without any pause in between rounds. The game was so dangerous to its players and so addicting that the primary designer of the game, Dong Nguyen, was forced to have it removed from all app stores in the year 2014.

Flappy Bird’s Arrival in Fortnite

Yet, the monarch has returned, albeit in a somewhat modified form. The popular mobile game “Flappy Bird” has finally arrived in Fortnite in the condition of a new playable character called “Droopy Flops.” The gameplay of Droopy Flops is identical to that of Flappy Bird, with the exception that players must “flop” rather than “flap” their way through a succession of pillars and spikes.

Dolphin Copter, Bugger Duckie, Book of Colors, Dragonstony, and Sweet Rush are some of the original characters that the game’s developers, Infinity Studios, used to reproduce the renowned mobile game inside of Fortnite. Other characters that were used include Sweet Rush. Players of Fortnite can quickly access their personal Arcade Islands and begin playing the game to their hearts’ content.

Since Infinity Studios only recently released Droopy Flops, the developer anticipates that players will encounter a large number of issues when playing the game. While Infinity Studios continues to develop more games to add to their arcade, players who have any problems with the game can provide feedback to the developer by sending a message to their Twitter page.

Interested players of Fortnite can access the Island code for their character by going to their Fortnite website.

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