Respawn Entertainment promises “swimsuit skin” for Apex Legends after fan challenge on Twitter

After fans demolished their surprise Twitter challenge, Apex Legends creator Respawn Entertainment promised a “swimsuit skin” added to the game. Apex Legends has produced a ton of decorative skins for its ever-expanding roster of Legends after more than four years. Every Legend has a large selection, ranging from recently launched Prestige skins to class-specific OG skins that quickly become fan favorites.

Respawn Entertainment has created skins for the game for four years but hasn’t leaned into “fanservice” with them. Legends are always dressed modestly in the vast majority of available skins, even if they aren’t wearing their traditional clothes. This may change now that Respawn has assured fans that a “swimsuit skin” will soon debut in the game after the community destroyed a goal posted on Twitter.

“Swimsuit skin” for Apex Legends is supposedly coming soon

The official Twitter account for Apex Legends posted a tweet on March 22, 2023, with the following message: “Alright, here’s the deal: If this post receives 10k likes, we’ll add the bikini skin.” The tweet received a ton of attention from the Apex Legends community, rapidly surpassing the target of 10,000 likes in under 10 minutes. The tweet currently has 24,000 likes as of the time of writing, but it will undoubtedly get much more.

Respawn quickly sent out a follow-up tweet in which they expressed amazement at how quickly fans surpassed the objective. “Hit in ten. You all are crazy. We should have requested $100,000, but a deal is a deal. I’ll see you then.

Which Legend will have skin with a bikini?

Regarding which Legend will receive this “swimsuit skin” and whether more than one skin will be released, Respawn’s statement is still unclear. Understandably, players weren’t slow to weigh in on who they thought should receive the “swimsuit skin.”

When the group first arrived at the tropical Storm point map in Fuse from the Season 11 announcement video, a fan questioned, “This one, right?” with a GIF of the scene. Others posted some somewhat suggestive fanart they had previously created in the hopes that the skin would be for characters like Loba or Wraith.

Prominent Apex Legends content makers, esports players, and organizations also joined in on the fun, notably TSM, which tweeted, “Swimsuit Gibby? In we go. Nevertheless, Apex content developer HisWattson answered with a screenshot of the well-known “FeelsWeirdMan” emote.

Viewers won’t have to wait long to learn more about this “swimsuit skin” tease and whether it’s as scandalous as some followers believe. Players will have to wait and see what’s in store since Respawn has stated that further information about the skin will be released on March 23.

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