Debates and Mixed Reactions as Destiny 3 Trends on Twitter: Is It a Worthwhile Idea?

Recently, Destiny 3 started trending on Twitter, and it didn’t take long for many franchise fans to call it a “stupid idea.” Bungie and its then-partner Activision previewed Destiny’s 10-year plan in the months leading up to its first September 2014 release. Such a concept never materialized, as a proper sequel debuted roughly three years later.

Even though the company later severed ties with Activision and interestingly resurrected Destiny 2, many people wonder if a third game in the series will ever be released. Recently, such rumors circulated on social media, sparking debates regarding whether or not fans want Bungie to work on a Destiny 3.

Fans question the potential value of a Destiny 3 amid a Twitter trend

A dedicated podcast to Destiny Players’ desire for Bungie to create a third numbered entry following The Final Shape expansion was recently discussed on The Destiny Show. The debate caused the game to become famous on social media, where users expressed their opinions.

Before such discussions ever begin, one user said, players should delete their Bungie account, create a new one, and then re-purchase all of the game’s DLC, etc., “because that’s what’s gonna happen if D3 happens.” Someone else replied to the podcast’s query with the stern words, “Absolutely the fu** not. What can Destiny 3 offer in terms of benefits? Others, meanwhile, made light of the fact that begging for Destiny 3 is a tired joke and advised fans to “Ask for Destiny 4.”

However, some devoted fans insist that Destiny 3 is most likely the series’ inevitable next step. For instance, one Twitter user asserted that the only way they could see themselves playing Destiny again was with a “fresh start.” A different user agreed, writing that Diablo 4 proves that “Destiny deserves a Destiny 3.” This specific gamer continued, “Create a whole new game. Stop constructing on this foundation. LOL, it’s not WoW.

Of course, there is also the possibility that a new engine will drive the potential of Destiny 3, especially for those who desire a better-looking and more enjoyable game. Although Bungie has not officially stated whether a third game or improved technology is in the works, this is one subject that people won’t soon stop talking about.

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