Bringing Back the Popular Ranked Feature from Overwatch 1: An Update from the Overwatch 2 Developer

Developer Aaron Keller tweeted that ranks and match balance are being discussed for Overwatch 2’s loading screens.

Overwatch 2 players don’t have access to team members’ ranks or the team’s average rating. Overwatch 2 developer Aaron Keller wrote a blog post about how the team will fix “frustrating” one-shot skills and combinations. The player population believes that the information above needs to be adequately addressed, which is one of the things that still need to be solved. Aaron responded in which he said that it is currently being discussed and may be brought up again shortly.

“Average rank/match balance, as well as the spread of ranks/match volatility. It is something that we are now discussing for this screen,” he said. “This is something that we are seeing into for the future.” Most of the time, there isn’t an intriguing narrative to tell here. Nevertheless, when there is one, we believe players would be interested in learning about it.

Fans of Overwatch 2 want the previously used ranking loading screen brought back

overwatch old loading screen

Quite a few of the fans who answered voiced their opinion that the information lacking was necessary for the overall experience. One player admits in response to Aaron’s statement that not having any of that has made the experience feel empty. “It was good to see advancement visually with the bronze to the grand master,” the player says. “Not having any of that has made the experience feel hollow.”

Another user in the forum offers the following suggestion: “I appreciate players that do not want to view their match SR; thus, make it an option that is pre-turned off so that players that want information can have it.” However, some gamers claimed that the loading screens should be improved after other aspects of the game were first enhanced.

“I don’t believe this screen provides all that much value. I’d much rather have peace of mind knowing that everyone in my match is supposed to be there. I frequently come across people that have formed groups, and within each group, there is at least one individual who is significantly better or worse than the lobby. According to the user cited, “numbers are meaningless if the MM is wrong.”

Regardless, Keller’s comments give the impression that the developers are already working on it and are giving it some thought for the future.

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