Exciting Genshin Impact Leaks Unveil New Skins for Klee and Kaeya: Insights and Speculations

More details concerning a new set of skins for the well-known characters Klee and Kaeya have recently surfaced through Genshin Impact leaks. HoYoverse has released a minimal number of cosmetics for their characters, which is unexpected given that the playable roster is the game’s primary focus, thanks to the gacha mechanism.

Genshin Impact typically releases new skins around the Chinese New Year-themed Lantern Rite Festival and the summer-themed Golden Apple Archipelago, two yearly events. One five-star and one four-star character skin are featured in both events. The most current costumes were initially made available in update 3.4, which also saw the debut of skins for Lisa, a four-star Electro character from Mondstadt, and five-star Cryo user Ayaka.

Insights and Speculations on Klee and Kaeya Leaks

Several Genshin Impact leaks over the past several months have suggested the existence of two new Klee and Kaeya skins that should be released shortly. The in-game models for both skins were finally published by HutaoLover77, a reliable leaker who garnered much attention. The witch hat will be the primary difference between Klee’s new skin and present attire. The new skin will also have maid-like clothing and a slightly darker color scheme. One of the most renowned travelers in all of Teyvat, Klee’s mother, Alice, is thought by many fans to be the source of this attire.

The inaugural Golden Apple Archipelago event was organized by Alice to keep Klee entertained, according to the official plot, and there is an excellent likelihood that she is also bound to Klee’s skin. Although Alice will play a significant part in the next Genshin Impact version 3.8, her formal appearance is improbable because her model was not discovered during the current testing stage.

Many leaks have claimed that Klee’s skin will be a five-star rarity, but merlin_impact, another reliable leaker, has refuted these claims. Genshin Impact’s Red Dead of Knight skin by Diluc is the only five-star skin available. Kaeya’s new skin, as many fans have noted, closely resembles his present shape. By completing a few intriguing event-only objectives, players will probably get the opportunity to earn Kaeya’s skin for nothing. If HoYoverse continues to release new character cosmetics as usual, Klee’s new costume will be reduced in the in-game store during the Genshin Impact update 3.8.

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