Addressing Quitting in Overwatch 2: Player-Proposed Solution for Competitive Matches

Players of Overwatch 2 collaborated to devise a more severe punishment for quitting competitive matches, recommending that leaving players should have their queue where they are paired with other retiring players that share their views. In Overwatch 2, Blizzard introduced stiffer penalties for players who leave competitive matches, but some gamers believe the creators should have done more to promote a more positive gaming environment. They now have a solution for Blizzard to take to stop these quitters from destroying their games.

Many gamers criticized Blizzard for eliminating the PvE campaign mode in Overwatch 2, and some even called for a boycott of the game due to this action. The Overwatch 2 executive producer, Jared Neuss was forced to answer complaints about the removed PvE components by stating that the co-op and story missions would still be included in the hero-shooter game. Players appear to be upset again, this time by leavers affecting their competitive games.

Community-Driven Solutions and Calls for Stronger Punishments

The Overwatch 2 community decided that leavers ought to be paired against one another in their queue. Many gamers in the comments believe that Blizzard may adopt this recommendation, first made by a Reddit user named Miltaire, to lower the number of people leaving the game. If the programmers pair them together, they will quit destroying competitive games for honorable players. This concept resembles Dota 2’s punishment scheme, which assigns toxic players who repeatedly leave games to the low-priority queue.

Many players have praised this concept in the comments for the potential improvements it may make to Overwatch 2’s competitive system. However, some have argued that the punishment for quitting games should be far harsher. Other players noted that it doesn’t matter if leavers wreck an unranked match. It’s no secret that Overwatch 2 players frequently leave the game, and players are hopeful that Blizzard will fix this issue as soon as possible.

Players of Overwatch 2 have previously proposed an update to the game’s Auto Queue mechanism that would enable them to halt automatic matchmaking after a match. They suggested that the designers include an icon in the HUD to alert them when a support colleague was killed. The Overwatch 2 community has recommended that Blizzard provide support players the opportunity to view the health bars of their teammates in the upper-left corner of the screen. Unfortunately, gamers of Overwatch 2 have experienced other issues in their competitive games besides leavers. To express their displeasure with Blizzard’s decision to scrap its PvE plans, some irate gamers have purposely thrown their games. The creators still need to implement a strategy to stop this toxicity.

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