EA Cancels Single-Player Apex Legends x Titanfall Game: Impact on the Future of the Franchise

Titanfall and Apex Legends are both video games set in the same universe; sadly, EA decided not to produce a single-player game that would have been the link between the two titles.

The launch of Apex Legends was one of the strangest and most dramatic events in recent memory. After a gap of three years after the release of the previous installment in the Titanfall series, the acclaimed shooter firm Respawn has produced a new game.

Fans of the Titanfall video game franchise were under the impression that a third installment in the series was on the way. Still, instead, they were surprised by a fully online battle royale that took place in the same universe but without any narrative connection. As a result of Respawn’s decision to pivot, it became doubtful that a third Titanfall game would be released shortly.

These expectations will continue to diminish over the next few years, mainly because EA, the parent company of Respawn, is moving in a different path. In light of recent revelations, the potential connection between Apex and Titanfall is also in peril.

EA has canceled the single-player version of the Apex Legends x Titanfall game

In recent days, EA has made a significant about-face over new projects, some of which include titles developed by Respawn. On January 31, it was said that the mobile version of Apex Legends, along with several other mobile projects, would be discontinued.

But under the radar, it appears that EA has scrapped yet another unannounced game. A source at Bloomberg named Jason Schreier claims that Electronic Arts has scrapped a previously revealed single-player game that was also planned to take place in the same game as Apex Legends and Titanfall.

Concern has been raised among players regarding the company’s plans for the future of EA Games as a result of this announcement, as well as the recent cancellation of Apex Legends and the postponement of games such as Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Others on Reddit have hypothesized that Electronic Arts may be diverting resources away from Apex Legends. In contrast, several users on Twitter have pointed out that this change in direction is also a negative sign for the third installment of the Titanfall series, which is still in development.

Even though Electronic Arts has canceled this project at an early stage in its development and is pledging to move the crew working on this mystery game to other projects, this is still not a good time for lovers of this shared universe.

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