Pokemon Go Trainer Stuns Community with Rare Salandit Hatch, Sparks Envy on Reddit

Fans of Pokemon Go on Reddit were left feeling envious. After one trainer uploaded an incredibly rare Salandit that they had hatched from an egg that is extremely difficult to obtain. In April 2022, Pokemon Go made the long-awaited debut of Salandit. A Poison/Fire-type Pokemon that was officially introduced to the world with the introduction of Pokemon Sun & Moon.

Due to the fact that it can only evolve from a female Salandit and is only available in eggs found at a distance of 12 kilometers, the Gen 7 mon’s evolutionary form, Salazzle, rose to prominence as one of the most coveted Pokemon in the game very rapidly. The members of the lizard-type Pokémon community on Reddit feel envious after a trainer reveals a Salandit egg, which is extremely difficult to obtain.

Fan of Pokemon Go develops a brilliant plan, Salandit

When the user shared the screenshot to the Pokemon Go subreddit, they added something like, “I shed a tear when this hatched.” “Only a few minutes ago, it began to hatch.” You can see the user’s Salazzle in the picture and the evaluation screen demonstrating the man’s perfect statistics.

In conclusion, they were successful in hatching the legendary female Salandit and obtained an individual that possessed an ideal IV. When the odds of Salandit being female are added to the odds of being perfect, the result is a complicated Pokemon to obtain in the game.

Other admirers quickly shared their opinions in the comments section, with many people displaying envy at the incredible find. “Ughhh, so jealous. “I’m happy for you!” remarked another person. A further supporter made the following joke: “I refuse to believe this is true. Your Photoshop skills are top-notch, man.” “Wow! A third trainer remarked after hearing this that it was “something worth flexing, dear god.”

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