Controversy over Call of Duty 2023 Release and Modern Warfare 2 Cosmetics Refunds

Some Modern Warfare 2 players are asking for refunds for their purchased cosmetics amid rumors that a new Call of Duty game would release in 2023. Initial reports stated that Modern Warfare 2 would have the first two-year life cycle in the history of the franchise. CoD leaker TheGhostofHope says Activision planned on celebrating the 20th-anniversary franchise with a ‘greatest hits map pack ‘DLC package for MW2’s second year.

The project “changed direction to become a full premium standalone release anticipated for 2023,” according to InsiderGaming writer Tom Henderson on February 6. Henderson anticipates that Sledgehammer Games will create the game as well. Community members disagreed with the CoD 2023 announcement. While some people welcomed the start of a new series, others feel duped after spending money on cosmetics thinking they would last for two years.

CoD 2023 news “misleads” Modern Warfare 2 participants

Regarding the second year of Modern Warfare 2, a user commented on Reddit, “It feels deceiving given so many notable leaders, and casters stated there will be on.”

It’s important to remember that losing cosmetics is nothing new in Call of Duty. None of the decorative components from the first Warzone experience were included in Warzone 2. The same is true for multiplayer each time a new Call of Duty game is released. However, some community members think this situation is unique because reports stated that the game might continue for a second year.

I believed I would get my money’s worth this time with the two-year cycle, one player retorted. Some community members retaliated, claiming that the devs never officially acknowledged a two-year life cycle and accusing the players of believing rumors. In response, a second user asserted that “IW/Activision had no problem with us thinking that” because they “let everyone run with it, and how confident the leakers seemed.”

It gave me optimism that anything I owned or used would still be there, according to a third gamer. That’s not how I feel anymore. There is disagreement among players on the necessity of a new Call of Duty game in 2023; the creators may offer further clarification to end the misunderstanding.

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