Controversy Erupts as Raven Software Adds Redeploy Drones to Warzone 2’s Ashika Island

Raven Software recently brought deployed drones to Ashika Island; nevertheless, obvious problems stopped some community members from appreciating the update. Warzone 2 saw several design modifications that were requested by the community throughout Season 2. The devs reset the Gulag, so it is now 1v1, disabled the ability to carry bags, and introduced the ability to customize perk packages. As part of the seasonal update, Ashika Island was added to the maps available in Warzone 2.

The anticipation turned into rage as the update was made available to users. After the creators of WZ2 initially indicated that Ashika Island would be available for all squad sizes, gamers of the game criticized the “drip feeding” of Resurgence playlists as unfair. Instead, the new setting was only available to play in with Quads, and every other squad size was being rotated.

The failure of the community members to communicate effectively was criticized, and the introduction of the new KV Broadside shotgun compounded their annoyance. The “broken” weapon received criticism from players for its role in disrupting matches. Players were left wondering why the addition of redeploying drones was given precedence over other urgent issues when Raven Software announced it.

Redeploy Drones in Warzone 2

Players of Warzone 2 are not amused with the addition of the redeployed drone

During the second season of Warzone Pacific, redeployed balloons were utilized around Caldera. They allowed gamers to zipline up to a balloon in the air and then glide from a significant height to a location of their choosing.

In addition, players who completed contracts were able to receive Portable Redeploy Balloons to use as a Field Improvement. The video game Apex Legends served as inspiration for the addition of the function, which gives players the ability to move and significantly speeds up gaming. Raven Software announced on March 7 that redeploy drones live on Ashika Island. These drones function in the same way as redeployed balloons.

The author of first-person shooter content, TheTactialBrit, responded, “no word on servers failing, lobbies not filling, rubber banding, the fire shotgun, the influx of cheaters, dev issues, and blueprints not working in DMZ.”

In addition to this, he stated, “I just don’t understand why there has been no admission that the game is in a pretty horrible situation right now.” Warzone Loadout made light of the situation by joking, “now you can have flying fire shotguns landing on you.”

Some supporters advocated for the addition of the feature to Al Mazrah, arguing that it would be more useful on the larger map. If the developers fix any of the issues raised by the community, which have been outlined above, we will publish an update.

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