Controversial Brigitte Upgrades in Overwatch 2 Season 4 Bring Back Memories of Infamous Meta

For some players, the Brigitte upgrades suggested for Season 4 of Overwatch 2 bring back one of the worst metas from Overwatch 1, as they drastically increase the support hero’s power during her ultimate Rally. Brigitte has been limited to a niche support pick in Overwatch 2 as a result of her supremacy in Overwatch 1 and the growth of the GOATS meta, with other heroes being able to out-heal and out-damage her at most ranks. Nevertheless, she continued to be a solid choice for those who knew when and how to employ her.

However, the new Rally significantly ups Brigitte’s shield size, giving her a ton more armor, and, most controversially, adds back her stun on shield bash, suggesting that Blizzard wants to give Brigitte more endurance during her ultimate.

Veterans of Overwatch 2 are alarmed by Brigitte’s overhaul

Unsurprisingly, the arrival of Brigitte, which was widely believed to have caused Overwatch 1’s popularity to decline, quickly brought to mind Brigitte to the seasoned Overwatch players upon release. The restoration of the stun on Brig’s shield bash, which may now stop Rein shield, D.Va ultimate, and any other channeling abilities, was without a doubt the most divisive update.

The adjustments made Brigitte nearly as tanky as Reinhardt, harkening back to the release of Brig, who could outswing a Rein while Rally was active, as noted by top 500 player and Overwatch streamer Flats right away. Brig was more skillfully crafted than Reinhardt. What is the name of hell are you doing?

In response to Brig’s “gigabuff,” top player KarQ expressed skepticism, asking: “What year is this, 2018? This is absurd. “Brig was good already. She strikes me as the best support right now. Wishing everyone luck. Other players expected that the modifications would be shortly reversed and that the benefits had only been implemented to alter the support meta.

According to a commenter on the Overwatch subreddit, Brig is once again in a position where she can deal damage, heal, and block all at once. The update is a good but unnecessary mix-up; frankly, it completely overloads the ult. Another person commented: “Blizzard hinted this ult would increase her damage and counterplay. This is the exact opposite. No one requested that Brig ult into Rein, and it is absurd that the “animation” that kept the ult from changing for two seasons was nothing more than a redecorated Rein shield.

With Season 4 rapidly approaching, Blizzard wants to shake up the support metagame. With the arrival of Lifeweaver and these Brig adjustments, we may be in for some unusual team compositions in the upcoming release.

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