NICKMERCS ends stream early due to cheater influx in Apex Legends Season 16

Popular broadcaster NICKMERCS recently left a life early because he was too unhappy with the status of the game, saying that Apex Legends Season 16 had a “huge problem.” The Hero Shooter from Respawn Entertainment, available for free, continues to be one of the most played games on the market. However, a recent influx of cheats has brought Apex Legends under fire, damaging the first-person shooter game.

Players have urged the developers to implement one of Call of Duty’s anti-cheat features because, despite a recent amusing April Fool’s Day update, Apex Legends still has some flaws. Players’ dissatisfaction with the game’s competitive mode has been exacerbated by changes to Ranked, in NICKMERCS’ opinion, by the persistent problem of hackers and cheats.

NICKMERCS declares, “Now is not the time for an influx of cheaters”

NICKMERCS, who formerly supported Call of Duty: Warzone, switched to Apex Legends in 2021 and has not looked back. Since then, he has played Warzone 2 a little, but Apex Legends has been his primary focus. However, on a recent stream, Nick eventually tired of having his lobbies trashed and decided to end the night early. I won’t be participating in the conversation tonight, either. Nick stated that they [hackers] won’t aimbot me for the entire f*cking night and freeze the lobby.

Following that, he launched into an eloquent tirade, saying, “We have a significant problem with Apex, and I do hope that the programmers take this sh*t seriously. This is not a f*cking funny right now. People are flocking to Apex to try out the new content, while Call of Duty is suffering from a severe lack of interest. There shouldn’t be a sudden flood of cheaters and DDoSers right now. Not at this time.

Due to the problems, Nick said he was “getting off early” and would not allow himself to be “cheated on.” The Twitch celebrity has made it known how he feels and has previously argued that hackers ought to be imprisoned. It will be fascinating to see if Respawn strengthens its defenses against these threats as Apex Legends Season 17 approaches and a new influx of players is anticipated to join the video game to try out the new content.

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