CoD 2023 Release: A Divide Among MW2 Gamers

Players of Modern Warfare 2 are split in their opinions over the announcement that Activision confirms a “full annual premium release” of Call of Duty for the year 2023. However, it was initially believed that Infinity Ward’s game would have a two-year life cycle.

Because of the success of the Warzone battle royale games. The future of the Call of Duty brand is less assured than it has ever been. This is especially true because Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is now in development.

It was believed that Modern Warfare 2 would have an exceptionally long release cycle of two years. It was hoped that Treyarch’s 2024 release would have a similar level of luxury.

Activision, however, reiterated its earlier statements on February 6 and mentioned a “full annual premium release” for the fall of 2023. In other words, Treyarch will likely release the next full Call of Duty game later this year. Naturally, the CoD community is divided by the news.

Divide among MW2 gamers over the CoD 2023 announcement

Even though it costs $70, some players have already criticized MW2 for having less content than the free-to-play version of Warzone 2, which is available.

This sentiment persists among many individuals because the announcement considerably decreases what they can expect from MW2, given its hefty price. A gamer created a meme on this topic and dubbed it “the status of gaming in 2023.” The meme discussed this topic.

One Reddit user responded, reiterating the original poster’s point that Activision can’t wait to collect your money again to provide you with another piece of “content” that isn’t very good. In response to a new CoD in 2023, a second post was made as a “pact.”

The player noted that the prospect of a complete premium release this fall was unsettling. It is given how unsatisfactory and subpar the content in the game had been. “I already see the direction that CoD is taking. They’ll concentrate on Warzone and gradually eliminate MP’s content. If it doesn’t live up to expectations, you must avoid the 2023 release.

However, other people argued in support of a different name. One person praised the addition of a new Call of Duty game and expressed their enjoyment of MW2: “You’re going to have to tell me why it’s so unacceptable and uninspired… Before I uninstalled and moved on, I played for 145 hours—pretty good for $70.

Despite the differences of opinion, Activision is determined to move forward with its plans for 2023.

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