Maximizing Kastov 762 Performance: Insights from Warzone 2 Expert WhosImmortal

The Warzone 2 expert WhosImmortal has suggested that players might wish to make minor adjustments to their standard load-outs, particularly about the widely used Kastov 762.

Even though Warzone 2 provides fans of Call of Duty with more customization possibilities than ever before, a handful of meta load-outs have made their way to the surface.

If you don’t use these load-outs, you usually play behind the eight-ball in Al Mazrah because the community considers them to have the best chance of scoring a win. However, a significant number of players approach things differently, employing builds that offer a greater degree of difficulty or which have the potential to become the dominant strategy in the future.

WhosImmortal, a YouTuber, has been at the forefront of trying to identify the next big thing, and he feels that gamers are setting up their firearms incorrectly. This pertains to the incredibly well-liked Kastov 762 as well.

A Warzone 2 expert discusses why the current meta load-outs are flawed.

On February 7, the Warzone 2 expert recorded a video and noted the discoveries he had made. He stated that the existing Kastov constructions require correction and adjustment.

WhosImmortal, using data obtained from Sym concluded that dropping the barrel or the under-barrel attachment in favor of ammunition with a higher velocity could be the route to move forward. In the instance of Kastov, he devised constructions that increased the speed to approximately 997 m/s while still preserving a reliable ADS time and manageable recoil.

He stated that this kind of construction applied to virtually all other types of long-range firearms. “Dropping out a suppressor in exchange for a compensator, focusing on high-velocity ammo, and then adjusting between the barrels and under barrels on any particular rifle as needed, that’s a set-up that can be copied and pasted,” said the author of the article. “That’s a set-up that can copy and paste.”

According to WZRanked, only a few classes employ high-velocity bullets with the Kastov; therefore, this might change in a short amount of time.

They are still determining whether the adjustment will extend to other types of weapons. However, at present, you must adjust your Kastov load-outs or risk lagging behind the competition.

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