Catalyst and Seer’s Dominance in Apex Legends Ranked Explained by ImperialHal

Apex Legends pro player Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has explained why Catalyst and Seer are considered such broken picks in the ranked matchmaking system. Catalyst has accepted herself as a top-tier Legend in Season 16 professional play, despite the fact that she initially failed to impress the bulk of the pros shortly after her release.

Although the regular player base has only picked the Defensive Conjurer at an overall rate of 3%, deploying her kit in Apex Legends’ higher-level competitive settings significantly increases its value. Coupled with the Ambush Master Seer and his immensely potent Ultimate, they make a mighty team that is especially effective against enemies. ImperialHal decided to clarify why Catalyst is such a dangerous selection and why she is a staple Legend in practically every professional competition while he was speaking during a recent stream.

ImperialHal explains the secret of Catalyst’s incredible strength in ALGS

According to Hal, due to the fact that Catalyst is such a powerful “defensive character,” it is practically impossible to play an aggressive game and successfully take gunfights in and out of the zone. As the bulk of skirmishes are “mirror matchups, and there are no advantages,” teams need to make sure their positioning is ideal early on in the video game if they want to have any chance of winning.

The current meta is “Seer Ult versus Seer Ult,” There are few possibilities to make aggressive outplays because an opposing team can follow your every movement via scans. This makes it difficult to take advantage of any openings that do present themselves. Catalyst’s wall offers a significant degree of protection for professional squads, particularly in final circles when they would typically be vulnerable without the cover provided by the wall.

Even while Hal is aware of the effectiveness of the Catalyst Seer competition, he has made it very apparent that he does not take pleasure in participating in it. The TSM star has recently expressed dissatisfaction with the character, stating that the strategy depends entirely on location. He said he would rather play a nerfed version of Horizon because, at least then, he could engage his opponents head-on.

For the time being, it is pretty evident that Catalyst is currently at the top of the food chain in professional play; however, we will have to wait and watch whether Respawn chooses to reduce her power or perhaps even strike Seer with yet another round of nerfs.

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