Warzone 2 Streamer Aydan Quits Creating Content for Battle Royales

Aydan, one of the most well-known players in competitive Warzone, has said he will stop creating content for battle royales. Modern Warfare 2 has been an actual test of their mettle for content producers and community members, signaling the end for some of the most ardent figures in the scene. After more than ten years, CDL stalwarts Scump and Methodz have declared their careers over.

After spending 15 years making sniper montages, legendary Call of Duty sniper Spratt left multiplayer content. The retirement virus has now migrated from multiplayer into the battle royale genre as one of Warzone’s most illustrious rivals has chosen to take a temporary break.

Aydan has decided to stop creating material for Warzone 2.

Aydan has amassed almost $400,000 in earnings, ranking second all-time in competitive Warzone history. The gifted contender dominated Fortnite before gliding into Warzone and sweeping the competition. Despite all the recognition and success, Aydan declared on March 27 that he is giving up content creation for Warzone 2 and competitive gaming. He justified it by saying the battle royale sequel didn’t deliver an entertaining or worthwhile experience.

“The game is currently quite dull. It doesn’t offer anything novel or exciting. Making YouTube videos is challenging because there is no new content, and the game’s competitive aspect is a huge letdown.

Since the sequel’s November release, Warzone 2’s competitive scene has stayed the same. The $100,000 OpTic Texas Warzone 2 Kickoff Tournament in November has the largest prize pool of any tournament. LAN Warzone 2 events have yet to be held by Activision aside from the C.O.D.E Bowl in December.

“Wagers are gone. Since the game’s beginning, we have only had a few significant competitions. There are now only Twitter tournaments, and the payout could be better. In terms of his future ambitions, Aydan revealed that while he would dabble in Fortnite Creative 2.0, he will mainly concentrate on Ranked Play content with a few single-player games thrown in. Aydan left open the possibility of a comeback. He will return for Season 3 to see whether it succeeds in rekindling his enthusiasm for the game. Season 3 will start on April 12 based on the Season 2 Battle Pass timer.

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