Blizzard Acknowledges Communication Gap in Overwatch 2 and Announces Future Improvements

Jared Neuss, the executive producer of Overwatch 2, announced that a blog post describing improvements to Competitive mode and the anticipated Season 3 change notes will be published soon.

As the Season 3 DLC for the game draws closer, players are getting increasingly excited to see the speculated upgrades that are going to be implemented into Overwatch 2 sometime over the following month. Before the commencement of Season 3, Blizzard made public the changes that would be made to Overwatch 2’s Competitive Mode as well as its award structure.

Jared Neuss, the executive producer of Overwatch 2, has now revealed that the development team has further gameplay adjustments planned for Season 3 and highlighted the need for more player communication moving forward.

Overwatch 2 Developer Acknowledges a Communication Gap

SVB, the creator of the OW2 content, voiced his displeasure with the lack of communication regarding the implications of the “30% ult charge transference” update, and Jared Neuss provided a response to this concern.

The first of numerous tweets that Neuss sent in response indicated that improvements to the 30% ultimate charge shift are on the way in Season 3 and that if they have not been stated in the patch notes already, they will be described there.

Neuss added, “To be clear, the lack of acknowledgment is not a lack of concern. We need to communicate with gamers about problems like these in a better method, which is a lot less exciting than that.

The EP continues by stating that the OW2 development team has plans for “frequent (weekly or biweekly) comms that will appear soon,” but acknowledges that it can be annoying for devoted players to have to rely on indirect sources like developer social media posts to learn about new developments.

In spite of the fact that these more direct channels of contact are still in the process of being built, Neuss indicated that “…in the interim, we’ll keep jumping on Twitter in-between meetings to bridge gaps as best we can.”

According to Neuss, people who were hoping that Blizzard Entertainment will provide more simple information regarding Overwatch 2 appear to be in luck. Even though the precise date of these communication adjustments is not yet known, the team ought to be able to fulfill their obligation as quickly as is practically possible.

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