Apex Legends Players Report Issues with In-Game Gifting System

Players of Apex Legends are refusing to send items because they believe the Apex Legends gifting system is “broken,” but it is still “taking” the coins needed for the exchange.

With the Broken Moon map, Catalyst, and a variety of new cosmetics, Season 15 of Apex Legends significantly increased the quantity of new content available in the Outlands. Despite this, the gifting system, which finally allowed players to buy their friends skins and collectibles, was one of the most well-liked innovations. The community initially responded well, however more recently, many gamers have been experiencing gifting difficulties. 

Some claim that despite spending coins to deliver something, the recipient never got the gift because the system is “broken.”

Players of Apex Legends Criticize the “Broken” Gifting System

Many Apex players have been griping that the giving system is “bugged” and not transferring gifts to the intended recipient after they’ve paid since late December and early January. They are wasting their Apex coins as a result, and because Respawn hasn’t addressed the problem yet, they are getting really frustrated.

Some gamers have claimed that presents they sent more than “a month ago” still haven’t arrived, even though the majority of complaints have been made in the past week. It is obvious that the community wants the developers to address the issue because they are accusing Respawn and the gifting feature of “stealing money.”

Thordan Smash, a well-known Apex Legends YouTuber, has even gone so far as to call for the giving system to be disabled until the flaw has been fixed. He contends that it is unjust to continue gifting because “unaware” players run the risk of “losing their money” unnecessarily.

We’ll just have to wait and see whether Respawn decides to temporarily disable gifting or keep it active while a fix is found.

In summary, Apex Legends players are experiencing issues with the gifting system, with many claiming that it is “broken” and not sending items as intended. This has led to frustration and anger among the community, with some players even calling for the removal of the feature until the bug is resolved. While Respawn has not yet commented on the issue, it is clear that players are growing impatient and are hesitant to use the gifting system until the issue is addressed.

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