Maximizing the Effectiveness of Explosives in Apex Legends: Tips and Strategies from Cau7ion

‘Cau7ion,’ a content creator for Apex Legends, has revealed a variety of brilliant techniques for maximizing the effectiveness of explosives in Respawn’s battle royale

The techniques, called ‘Counter Arc’, ‘Counter Sky Nade’, and ‘Trail of Nades’, can surprise and damage opponents in various situations. Players can try out these tactics, which take some time to master, to give themselves an edge in the game. Cau7ion’s strategies have been well received on Reddit, where the post has received over 2,000 upvotes. 

In Apex Legends battles, grenades and other projectiles frequently take a backseat. Although they aren’t particularly weak, players frequently rely on more dependable and manageable methods of doing damage, namely guns.

However, when employed properly, projectiles can be ideal in a variety of situations. The YouTuber provided a number of clever strategies for using explosives to harm opponents and battle for as long as you can in a Reddit post from December 29.

Cau7ion Displays Innovative Grenade Strategies

The movie demonstrates three grenade uses that anyone can test out during games. They could take some time to perfect, but once players have them down, they’ll be able to surprise opponents with ease.

The first, referred known as a “Counter Arc,” is intended to thwart aggressive opponent pushes. The player goes laterally after throwing an Arc Star in their own direction. The missile that was just fired explodes as the opponent who is pushing rushes and takes damage.

The second is called a “Counter Sky Nade.” According to Cau7ion, a grenade fired straight up in Apex will land where the player was when they launched it. Players can now throw grenades vertically, move, and watch as their enemies suffer damage as they come closer to where they were previously.

Cau7ion’s third and final strategy involves a “Trail of Nades.” As it sounds, players essentially withdraw and reposition while tossing grenades at their own feet. After a brief delay, the grenades explode, possibly dealing damage to any foes that are pursuing you.

Although they cannot always save players from difficult circumstances, they are unquestionably helpful to have on hand. Reddit as a whole agreed with that statement; as of the time of writing, Cau7ion’s post has received over 2,000 upvotes. His YouTube channel also contains a ton of additional tricks and advice.

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