Apex Legends Fans Perplexed by New Glitch Sending Players into Lobbies Without Intervention

Fans of Apex Legends are perplexed by discovering a new glitch that sends people into a lobby without their intervention. The community of players who play Apex Legends is used to dealing with various weird problems and anomalies. While they are usually not harmful, dealing with some can be extremely aggravating.

In the most severe instances, glitches can sometimes render a game unplayable. Recently, we have seen the likes of TSM pro-Phillip “ImperialHal” call the coders “incompetent” over a problem causing players’ games to crash. This issue has been going on for quite some time.

Even if bugs are constantly being fixed, the community is not afraid to criticize the developers of Respawn whenever they believe it is essential to do so. Players have recently discovered a new glitch that places them in a lobby alone, which has left many perplexed.

Gamers in Apex Legends Are Randomly Spawning Into Lobbies

A strange glitch was discovered by Apex Legends fan MasantZA on January 21 and was posted in a thread on Reddit. The participant demonstrated to the community, through the use of a video that they shared with everyone, how they were independently inserted into the game.

The player was proclaimed the Apex Champion even though they were still in the dropship because no one else was in the lobby then.

Many of the other users in the discussion were left completely perplexed, and many of them asked additional questions concerning the glitch. There was some discussion about whether or not OP had, in fact, gained RP. One of them inquired, “But did you lose any RP, seeing as how there was no one present; therefore, there were no kills or ring rotations.”

One of the players made a joke about how “that’s got to be some type of record right there.” Someone else chimed in and said, “Guess the matchmaking service determined that you were either so good that it couldn’t find anyone to match you with or so horrible that it didn’t want to pair you with anyone.”

We do not know how the bug manifests itself, but we are confident that it will be resolved by Respawn as soon as they have the opportunity.

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