Genshin Impact Fan Shares Artwork of Alhaitham and Nahida’s Attire Swap, Sparking Excitement

An intriguing idea was shared by a Genshin Impact player, who replaced Alhaitham’s attire with that of the Dendro Archon Nahida. Both individuals have significant roles in the latest Sumeru plot, which has been in the foreground for the past few months.

The Dendro nation’s two new subregions, added in the latest Genshin Impact update, are anticipated to be the final canon expansion before the new Fontaine region opens for exploration. The release of version 4.0 and Fontaine can be expected for the second half of August based on HoYoverse’s typical update schedule.

Alhaitham and the Sumeru Archon Nahida, two incredibly well-known Dendro characters, are featured in a humorous artwork by Reddit user Kimidoodlez. The post received over 3k upvotes on the video game’s main subreddit, indicating that fans liked the painting. Many fans wondered in the comments section whether this clothing would give Alhaitham Nahida’s infamous swing. These two individuals are regarded as S-tier choices for their respective roles. Since her debut, the Dendro Archon Nahida has stood out as the most excellent Dendro character in Genshin Impact, thanks to a kit that can be incorporated into practically any team composition. Illusory Heart’s elemental burt builds a vast dome that confers various bonuses based on the element it interacts with.

Nahida and Alhaitham Update

Players must obtain all of Nahida’s constellation levels to use her in the central DPS role, even if her primary duty is support. Since she appeared alongside the Hydro user Nilou on the first Limited Character Banner of the previous Genshin Impact update 3.6, players who want to add her to their team will sadly have to wait a few months.

Alhaitham, a five-star Dendro character who serves as the primary DPS, is unlike Nahida. Even though there was a lot of buzz surrounding this character, back in version 3.4, many players refrained from supporting him for various reasons. One factor is that a sizable portion of the community thought of him as merely a Dendro version of the Electro user Keqing.

Due to the recent Special Program event’s confirmation that Alhaitham will appear in the second phase of the current Genshin Impact version 3.7, travelers who regrettably passed on his banner will soon have the opportunity to obtain him again. He will stand next to the well-known Anemo supporter Kaedehara Kazuha.

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