The Last of Us Reignites: Game Sales Skyrocket Thanks to HBO Adaptation

Players of all ages are scooping up copies of the game The Last of Us, which has been out for almost ten years now, thanks to the success of the recently released HBO adaptation of the popular game series The Last of Us. This has caused a significant rise in sales for the much-loved title.

Fans of the video game as well as people who just watch a lot of television have already fallen in love with the characters, the world, and the photography in The Last of Us, which has just started airing on HBO. 

It would appear that many are turning back to their PlayStations and firing up both of The Last of Us video games as a direct result of the success of the newly adapted version of television. In addition to this, thousands of new customers are signing up every single day as a direct result of the increasing sales.

The Last of Us is on Top 20 Best-Selling Video Games in UK

Recent reports from Games indicate that the number of people purchasing the first game has increased dramatically. Sales of “The Last of Us Part I” increased by an astounding 238% week-on-week in the UK, propelling the game into the Top 20 games for the region overall.

This achievement was achieved particularly in the UK. In a similar vein, the remastered PlayStation 4 edition of the first game has saw a tremendous surge in sales, with a sales jump of 322%.

These stats are astounding in and of themselves, but they become much more so when one takes into consideration the fact that The Last of Us is almost ten years old as a video game.

And despite the fact that sales of the second game have not yet skyrocketed to these figures, we will make sure to keep you updated if the second title is handled in a manner comparable to the first. On the other hand, due to the contentious nature of The Last of Us Part II, there is a possibility that it will only be the first game that players and new fans will get involved in.

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